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Assisted Living at Lakeshore - Personal Care Plans

The Whole Person Matters

Most families who come to us are searching for help with the physical care of their loved one - a senior who is struggling with getting through the day on their own. They need help with one or more of their activities of daily living (ADL's). Family members are happy when they realize we can step in (right away) and assist with all the physical demands that challenge their loved ones...and themselves. What a huge relief!

Then, for many, comes a bit of a surprise. We may catch people off guard when we start addressing other issues that are very important for adding more quality into their loved one's life:

  • Personal Preferences (Resident & Family)
  • Social Stimulation
  • Physical Activity
  • Dietary Needs & Likes/Dislikes
  • Spiritual Beliefs & Support
  • Health Care Needs

Our Residents Deserve Our Best

Our goal is to develop a care plan that is specific to each individual and encompasses the "whole" person. We believe that each resident, no matter what their physical, mental and emotional capacity, still deserves to be cared for as a unique human being...with services that meet their many needs and an understanding that they are living life as best they can.

Our Residents Deserve Our Best

Developing and implementing "Personal" Care plans takes a team effort. Here is how we build teamwork into the care we provide at Lakeshore Assisted Living.

  • Ask for the family's input on habits, likes/dislikes, abilities, etc.
  • Along with Nurses On Call home healthcare and the doctors and nurses at Thonotosassa Medical Center, we review the medical information, then design care management and medication management plans.
  • Review the individual needs with our caregivers and organize the daily, personal care.
  • Review the resident's interests and abilities and develop an activity plan.
  • Review the dietary information and personal preferences, then create a dietary plan.


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Assistance For Veterans

Military veterans and their spouses may offset the cost of assisted living with the help of the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit program. Click to the right to learn more about this program from the Veterans Support Center, or give us a call.

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