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Our Staff

Caring From The Heart

Our staff is truly amazing. They happily provide professional care for each individual. They selflessly share their own unique gifts and talents with residents and family members. They strive to make a positive difference in the daily lives of those dealing with personal challenges.

They also work very hard. Often, those providing superior community care are faced with less than ideal circumstances. However, separately and as a team, our staff has the courage and determination to perform tasks that are difficult physically and/or emotionally.

There is one overriding requirement for everyone on staff at Lakeshore Assisted Living. They have to love helping our residents and their families. And they do!!!

David CaldWell


David developed the "genuinely care" culture that runs through everything we do. His family background taught him to respect his elders, and exposed him to care issues faced by seniors and their families. This experience helped him create his vision for our beautiful home, peaceful living environment, and heart-felt assisted living services.

In addition, David has an instinct for hiring people who have that special something that allows them to happily go the extra mile for others. Then he uses his business and management skills to train, guide and utilize the unique talents of our fabulous staff members. He also has a amazing ability to negotiate with local professionals to provide extra services for our residents.

Debbie Beckley


Debbie is so tuned in to our residents. She monitors changes from day to day and is always assessing whether our seniors are motivated, happy and their minds are being challenged. She also makes sure our staff communicates among themselves so that they are working together to follow the each individual care plan and improve the quality of life of our residents.

Making sure that things run smoothly on a daily basis is one of her many gifts. This gains her the respect of residents, family members and our staff. And we are so happy she is leading our caregiving team.

You Can See It In Their Eyes

Our fabulous Lakeshore Assisted Living staff considers it normal to go out of their way to help seniors in need of assistance and care.

Caring Is Natural To Us

David discusses the Lakeshore Assisted Living perspective on caring for seniors.

It Feels Good To Help Others

Debbie chats about how our staff works together to make residents and family members happy.

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