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Lakeshore Assisted Living in Tampa Bay, Florida

If you want to feel like you have made the best decision for your parent, visit Lakeshore Assisted Living

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Lakeshore Assisted Living is a 20-resident care facility with a home-like environment unlike the conventional large institutionalized facilities. David Caldwell, owner of Lakeshore Assisted Living since 1999 will greet you personally during your visit of the facility. Our goal is to make the residents feel as if they have never left their homes. The many qualities of Lakeshore Assisted Living achieve this goal, with its serene and tranquil environment; unrivalled by any other communities, and along with its carefully selected staffs who are genuine and caring, truly enable residents to experience a happy, clean, and neat daily life.

Choosing The Best Assisted Living Facility

When making this life changing decision such as choosing a home for a loved one, it is important for all family members to feel confident that they have made the best possible decision. Lakeshore Assisted Living is held in the highest esteemed with the Agency for Health Care Administration with no deficiencies in our last two surveys (out of 1500 items on the check list). We pride our self for doing the best, being the best and giving our all to each resident and residence to come.

Lakeshore Assisted Living stands out among assisted living facilities. Our community sits close to the shore of Lake Thonotosassa. There are four wooded acres of shade to enjoy provided by 100 year old oak trees. That and the home-like setting are features that set us apart from any other facility. The difference is more than cosmetic.

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