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Financial Solutions For Assisted Living Expenses

Veterans Benefits

For over 11 years I have dedicated my self and life to assisting mature military veterans and the elderly. My passion for such a task was because of my father who served 30 years in the military and eventually needed assisted living assistance. I am David Caldwell, administrator and owner of Lakeshore Assisted Living.

As a son of a military veteran, I know first hand the sacrifice our veterans have made for our country. I also understand the struggles to get aid and other resources you deserve. Though at Lakeshore Assisted Living the majority of our residents are veterans or the spouse of a veteran. However, we also cater to all who may need the assisted living care relieving the stress of the sons and daughters. This is what I do and my wonderful staff to pride in as professionals.

What separates Lakeshore Assisted Living from other assisted living facilities is that I personally assisted each veteran in paperwork, finances, and I even gather all paperwork and deliver them to the VA Benefits Service Officer myself to assure processing is a success the first go-round with little to NO delays in receiving financial aid. In the past 10 years, I have gone through this process well over a hundred times with 100% approval for each residence.

VA Financing

Many families have the dilemma that their mother or father doesn't have enough income to cover expenses for assisted living and not aware their parents' entitlement to VA benefits. The VA requires you to be in assisted living facility to receive benefits. If they don't have enough income without the aid VA benefits we can temporarily finance their VA benefits ourselves or through one of our partners for approx. 1% a month until the process is completed with VA Benefits Service Office which may take up to 12 months for aid and attendance benefits to be approved.

To learn more about this program, fill out the form or visit our VA Program page. You may also call me, David Caldwell directly for further assistance or for any questions you may have at: 813-900-1555.

Explanation of the 1823 Form

The stress of placing a loved one in an assisted living facility often times can be to much to bare-added fees, moving furniture, paperwork etc. In addition to that, most cases the children whom are placing parents in an assisted living facility are reluctant to know, there is a form that you can have their doctor fill out for you, which is necessary for admittance into and assisted living facility. This form is called an 1823 Form (see attached). This form basically describes whom ever you are putting in the assisted living facility can no longer perform the six ADL's activities of daily living. Having the doctor fill this out helps relieve any tension between siblings and parent providing an professional understanding the doctor of the parent can no longer preform the ADL's and needs to be in assisted living facility which the law indicates this form must be filled out in order for them to live in assisted living facility.

Such ADLs are:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Toileting
  • Transferring (walking)
  • Continence

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Lakeshore Helps Veterans Get Benefits

Assistance For Veterans
Military veterans and their spouses may offset the cost of assisted living with the help of the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit program. Click to the right to learn more about this program from the Veterans Support Center, or give us a call.

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