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Church Volunteers Bring Baskets

April, 12

Our residents were thrilled when the volunteers from the Thonotosassa Methodist Church came by to celebrate the Easter holiday. In the spirit of the season, they brought hand-made baskets filled with candies and other goodies. We are very fortunate to have these kind and caring folks right around the corner...and popping by to celebrate most holidays with our seniors.

Bingo Is Serious FUN

March, 12

Bingo is just a simple game. Whoooooa no! At Lakeshore Assisted Living, our residents can get serious when the (bingo) cards are on the table. Many of our sweet ladies and stately gentlemen gather their cards with large numbers, find their lucky chair and put on their "game face". In the photo above, our residents are actually having fun, but concentration wins out over smiles.

Passing The Ball On The Deck

March, 12

When the soccer ball comes out, our residents look to play. They may not be kicking the ball around the pitch, but they do have fun passing the ball among themselves while sitting on the deck. This activity is low impact, since they are sitting. At the same time, they stretch and use their muscles, and challenge their hand-eye coordination. So they score fun, fitness, goal!!!!!

Having Fun As A Group

March, 12

Having fun together as a group is what community time is all about. Our residents find time for things such as gathering in the park to find some shade from the hot sun to the ladies having their nails painted. We can all agree, things are enjoyed more when you're sharing the time with friends.


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