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Assisted Living Activities Programs

The Whole Person Matters

We encourage our residents to be as active as they can be. Our activity program is designed to:

  • Offer variety and choice.
  • Create enjoyment and energize.
  • Fulfill a purpose in the care plans.
  • Match personal abilities.
  • Provide social stimulation.

Adjusting For Each Resident

We understand that some of our residents are more adventurous and social than others. For the more extroverted, we encourage shared activity and mingling.

We also realize that some people may choose to be left alone, especially new residents struggling with change and new faces. So we are patient and let them adjust at their own pace. Usually, as their comfort level grows, so does their level of involvement.

For residents who happen to have limitations and special needs, we tailor many of our activities to allow them to join in. Studies have shown a direct correlation between the amount of activity and mental stimulation, and the quality and longevity of life. So we keep each of our residents as active as they can be.

Get Some Exercise, Have Lots Of Fun

At Lakeshore Assisted Living, we offer a variety of fun and stimulating activities. In addition, we make it easy for our seniors to socialize with family, friends and other residents on a daily basis. These activities include:

  • Bingo
  • Crafts
  • Family Gatherings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Yahtzee
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Holiday Celebrations

We adjust activities to fit our residents. Some exercises are done while seated in a chair. When a person doesn't participate, we still involve them socially as they watch.


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See What Our Residents Are Up To

Click on the picture of the Activity Scrapbook to view what our residents have been doing. There is also a list of our Upcoming Events and a monthly Activity Calendar.

Work The Mind

We also offer activities that provide mental stimulation for our residents and invoke memories. We believe light mental work-outs can lead to progressively stronger minds. Our goal is not to stump the residents, but to make it easy for them to remember. We even provide multiple choices whenever possible to give everyone a chance to be successful and build self-confidence. These activities include:

  • Movies & Popcorn
  • Memory Lane
  • Current Events
  • Puzzles
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